It’s Sam, the summer intern! Today is my last day and, as per company policy, I am required to produce a blog post. This summer, I began to work at web design for the first time in my life.Berlinerkindl I have come to learn that although some of the technical aspects of web design can be frustrating at times, the finished product of such work is generally aesthetically pleasing. This makes the whole endeavor worthwhile. Good design is crucial, not only in business, but in all aspects of life. The world is being filled with more and more content every day, and we need to counteract bad design with good design.kadewe I have found two things to be of critical importance in terms of design: color and complexity, or lack thereof. Choosing the right colors can make a logo or image stand of. At the same time, it needs to be simple, clean. The black-and-white street signs of Berlin are a great example of this type of design. I also like this German beer logo. And this German mall logo. I just like German things in general. So, that’s all. I suppose I haven’t really said much, but it’s better than saying nothing.