NYIGF Winter 2013 :: Joe Cariati Glass

First fell in love with Joe Cariati's handblown bottles, decanters and vases when we met a few years back at the Javits.  Joe is smart, fun and charming — and a superbly gifted artisan. Now it is 2013 and Apple recently selected his elegant line of glassware to illustrate the iCloud section on its website. We would settle for wrapping paper with these gorgeous images

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NYIFG Winter 2013 :: flip & tumble

Very impressed talking to Hetal Jariwala and Eva Bauer. Designers of the 24/7 reuseable shopping bags, among other inspired products. flipandtumble.com has one of the best product demos we’ve seen. Check out "the studio" link to see what a great blog looks like.

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NYIFG Winter 2013 :: Robert Siegel Handmade

Really enjoyed meeting the talented potter Robert Siegel (and proud Mom, Dad and sister, too) at the NY gift show. His handmade pottery is more than just eye candy! These pieces are stunners! Yummy colors. Watch out Pantone! Robert resides and works in downtown LA. rshandmade.com

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NYIFG Winter 2013 :: 1canoe2

Strolling and trolling in the STUDIO section ("Innovative and inspired lifestyle merchandise that injects sophisticated flair into practical accessories") at NYIGF, we came across booth #4164, oneCanoetwo. And it wasn't just their prime corner location that made us stop. Their terrific illustrated letterpress stationery really jumped out at us! We were equally blown away by dedicated new employee Zack's new tattoo (yes it's real), inspired by the work of partner/illustrator/printmaker

NYIFG Winter 2013 :: 1canoe22022-04-04T14:54:20+00:00
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