Watch the new Apple Watch

Apple has not let us down with three "perfectly pitched" commercials for the new watch.  Beautiful cinematography, gorgeous imagery tells the story. No Words Needed. And the editing is not too shabby either.

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Generation Emoji

Hello, I am Jia the Intern and a junior in high school. I am interested in photography and am currently learning photoshop. Today I will be writing about a print ad that resonates with me. This particular ad is highly relevant because the sad, crying emoji is the focal point, which appeals to younger generations. I think Amnesty International did a great job spreading the

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TV commercial that works.

Delta Airlines "No Bag Left Behind" :60 spot hits a home run for me.  Another case where pictures tell the story and immediately capture the interest of the viewer with a clear straight forward message.

TV commercial that works.2022-04-04T14:54:15+00:00
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